The End of Year 1.

Andrew Loh

May 25, 2020



This past Friday marked the end of Year 1 on the other end of a classroom; here are some learnings from my 8th graders:
Relationships are foundational—children aren't blank slates; they're wary from when they've been hurt before, yet are open to security & wonder. We are charged with what they experience in our presence.
Failure is painful, yet powerful—when I failed proper scaffolding of a lesson, they endured reteaches, when I failed to give clear expectations, BO kicked a box & got a sprained ankle, & when I failed to shut my classroom door, I got a concussion. Systems were changed.
Strength comes in numbers, logic, & fun—derailing a lesson is easy when enough get in on it; so is staying on track when logic & context are accessible. Fun is a sustainable fuel for both learner & educator; it lessens friction as it builds confidence. Crafting lessons is an art & a science.
The future is bright—MC built a bionic arm by wiring & soldering, 3 endured deaths in the family, AC apologized for overstepping, DR shifted their attitude, & 3 got accepted into choice high schools.
While there are other things I've learned this year, there were some that I could've only learned from TikTokking 13-year-olds. I'm already looking forward to Year 2, but for now, I'll enjoy my two-month break. #education